Accessible by design

Vitamin k is a small, creative web design studio run by freelance website designer - johnathan kendall. Vitamin k designs standards- based websites in an open, professional and friendly manner with a focus on visual design usability and accessibility.

  • Design

    vitamin k takes a holistic approach to the design process. This means that the end result is the product of a range of considerations, including brand-identity, graphical design and usability. This approach means that sites are both visually engaging and perform as affective and accessible user-interfaces.

    For further Information, or to just ask a question... contact vitamin k

  • Development

    All vitamin k web sites are created with simplicity as a standard feature. Sites are developed with as much focus on user experience as possible. Development is therefore driven by the needs of the user and the goals of the client.

    If you have any specific technical questions or just want me to start work on your site... just get in touch.

Not for profit / charities

I have special rates for charities and the not-for-profit sectors. Please get in touch for more information

Looking for partners

If you are in either the I.T. or design industry and are looking for a reliable, professional freelancer - please get in touch